Our Commitment

Matsusaka Beef Yakiniku M located in Osaka, a city so rich in culinary culture it is dubbed "the city that thrives on food," upholds the tradition of Matsusaka beef quality that has been passed down since its founding. While preserving the spirit of hospitality recognized worldwide as the M style, it continues to weave its passion and flavor.

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About Matsusaka Beef

Since its founding, we have been purchasing Matsusaka beef directly from the source, and our skilled butchers meticulously prepare it to ensure safe and reliable Wagyu beef, which we offer at reasonable prices.

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Store Information


We have four stores in the Namba area of Osaka, one in the Umekita area, and one in Gion, Kyoto. We offer seating options suitable for both small groups and larger parties.


We offer a Japanese yakiniku style where you can enjoy premium Matsusaka beef with special soy sauce or wasabi salt.

Store Information

Osaka Area

Kyoto Area